Altitude Sickness: Symptoms, Treatment & Medication

Getting to know about altitude sickness

A lot of people want to have fun in trekking or climbing, but not many releases that there are people who can face this sickness.

What is altitude sickness?

It is a kind of illness that people who travel to different altitudes for the first time or cannot acclimatize their bodies to the change of altitude. The body shows signs of distress when this happens. You can check out altitude sickness remedies.


What causes this sickness?

There are several reasons which cause altitude sickness

  • It can happen when you are in high altitude region or travel to one. This can occur to people who live at sea level or near it, and they will feel the difference in altitude.
  • People already having this sickness can feel it.
  • If you happen to ascend fast, you can develop it.
  • You aren’t able to acclimatize to the altitude that you have gone to.
  • If you are some medication/ drugs or consume alcohol during your travel from one altitude to the other.

You have certain medical conditions that cause the heart, lungs, or even the nervous system may not take well to the change of altitude. You will have to learn b

Symptoms of altitude sickness

Some symptoms indicate that the change of altitudes isn’t suiting you

  • The person would find it hard to get sleep after there is a change of altitude.
  • You keep feeling light-headed or dizzy.
  • There is perpetual fatigue associated with the person.
  • Having a headache most of the time
  • There is a general loss of appetite
  • Feeling nauseous or even vomiting
  • Shortness of breath with any kind of exertion
  • An increased pulse rate of the individual

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If you experience the severity of this problem, you are bound to have some other symptoms as well and find out how to get rid of altitude sickness.

How to prevent altitude sickness

several ways have been suggested to help combat sickness such as

  • Try to climb the mountain slowly; this would help from getting you altitude sickness
  • Taking breaks in between the climb would help
  • If you must sleep. Try to take sleep at a lower altitude as possible for the body to adjust.
  • Makes sure if you ever suffer from altitude sickness, there are options to get back down faster.
  • Find out more on this sickness before you venture into one
  • Drinking a lot of fluids will help keep the body hydrated.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  • Having regular meals will help, especially the one high in carbohydrates. So that energy levels are high.
  • If you experience a headache use a pill to get relief
  • Don’t continue the ascent, try to get cured or get back to a lower altitude.

These are some of the natural remedies for altitude sickness that you can try out when you experience this sickness or prevent them altogether.

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How to treat altitude sickness?

If the conditions are severe, the doctor would have to use a line of treatments depending on the condition of the patient. Depending on what symptom are to be treated the doctor will use proper remedies on the patient

  • Supply oxygen
  • Blood pressure reduction medication
  • Inhalers to open airways
  • Breathing machine
  • Medication to increase blood flow to the lungs


The person who has certain medication conditions or phobias of height may experience this more than others who may acclimatize after the initial milder symptoms. But the former may have to avoid such adventurous expeditions.

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