Chigger Bites Causes and Treatment

Bugs are all around when you are in grassy lands, so if you get bitten by one, then that might be chigger. So how to get rid of chigger bite? Hope the discussion will be helpful to you. Chiggers generally are small and are mostly not visible with naked eyes. These attach themselves to the human body and feed on their skin cells. This leads to itching and looks like tiny spiders. These are red in colour and tend to be in a cluster in groups on a person’s skin. Here we will discuss how to treat chigger bite. Let’s also have a look for how do you treat chigger bites. 


Curing Chigger Bites

Curing chigger bites is possible by applying hot and cold compression alternatively. This is safe and you can also apply ointments or aloe vera creams at the particular location. Other than that you can visit the doctor to get sorted with how to cure chigger bite.

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How Do Chigger Bites

These bugs inject enzymes into the host skin which destroys the host tissues. Suffers might get confused with how long do chigger bites last. This hardly lasts for hours. The chiggers are going to feed on the skin for some days through this structure. Chiggers bites around ankles, waists, armpits, and crotch and behind armpits. Home remedies for chigger bite is a great way of treatment. These are like using hot water, washing clothes and blankets with warm water that falls on the ground. For already infected injuries you can apply anti-itching cream ointments containing menthol, calamine lotion, aloe vera lotion, and antiseptic creams.

Symptoms of Chigger Bites

The symptoms of the chigger bite begin after the chigger started to inject enzymes into the host skin. The actual bite is not noticeable. The basic ones are;-

  • Itching and raised or flat red bump on the skin. 
  • This resembles more like a blister or like a pimple.
  • So you might think of how long do chigger bites itch. So the best answer can be, itching on the location which is most intense to 1-2 days after the initial bite.
  • This kind of itching lasts for many days and takes up to 2 weeks for getting normal.
  • Skin disruption takes place with the potential for secondary bacterial infections. 

Medical Care and Diagnose of Chigger Bites

The one can be managed at home with a chigger bite remedy and without the need for any medical care. But medical care must be taken by bitten by the chigger and develops signs of a secondary bacterial infection of the skin.  But how do you get rid of chigger bite? 

These are identified based on their location on the skin and its history of being outdoors or in contact with vegetation as well as the characteristic itching. For this diagnostic tests are not required.  Now the condition is how to get rid of chigger bites.  Even you can apply turmeric as the best way to get treated for the painful situation. Initially, this will pain but is considered as an amazing source to home remedies for chigger bite.

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Preventing Chigger Bites

The next question in your mind can be how to prevent chigger bites. For that:-

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants made from woven fabrics.
  • Using insect repellent.
  • Stay away from tall weeds, brush, and heavy undergrowth. 
  • Take shower after entering any areas that might be infected by the chigger bugs. 
  • Wash the clothes properly that were worn at the chigger infested areas.


People because of the painful situation think of how long do chigger bites last. This lasts for around 1 or 2 days after the bite and the most painful situation is the wound which is itchy and becomes a red swelling. You can easily follow up chigger bites home remedy to feel relaxed of this bug bite.

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