Things To Know More About Earlobe Cyst & It’s Home Remedies

You might have noticed a lot of people facing the problem of bumps on their earlobes. Which may erupt on any part of the earlobe. They usually start off looking like a pimple and gradually grow into big lumpy ones, which are called cyst on the earlobe.

Identifying Earlobe Cysts

They appear to be sac-like lumps and have a smooth texture. The cysts may look pigmented from the natural skin. The person who first notices such appearance on the lobe of the ear has to observe whether the cyst in earlobe continues to grow indefinitely from here.

Usually, a person having a pea-sized cyst will not feel as much discomfort, as there is no pain accompanied with it. The cyst on earlobe may cause some inconvenience only when rubbed against something, like headphones, tight caps, etc.

The other places cysts can appear

  • They can appear on the scalp near the ear.
  • Cysts inside the ear & behind the ear
  • Cysts growing in the canal of the ear

If the cysts get ruptured by any cause, usually external touch or object, there could be a fluid leak. It keratin in the fluid state, which has a toothpaste-like texture. It is better not to wait for this to happen and good to seek earlobe cyst treatment.

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Earlobe Cyst Cause

The upper skin sheds a continuous manner as skin becomes old, and a new layer of skin forms as a natural process. If by some anomaly, the epidermis cells(outer skin cells) get deeper into your skin instead of shedding. They tend to form a cyst in that region as they continue to multiply in that particular area. The walls of the cyst continue to secrete keratin, which then fills up the cyst and makes it appear lumpy.

How To Get Rid of Cyst in the Earlobe

If you happen to have earlobe cyst, it is best to seek treatment fro a doctor. The doctor will operate under local anesthesia. It is a simple procedure, the cyst will be pulled out, and the ear is stitched in place. After healing, the earlobe will look as normal as before. This is one way of how to get rid of earlobe cyst.

How to Remove Earlobe Cyst at Home
  • Do not puncture the lump or squeeze it
  • Keeping the area clean from getting infected.
  • Place a hot damp cloth on the lump will help blood circulation and speed up the healing process.
  • If there is a draining of pus, prevent this from spreading and bandage it regularly.

The above process of earlobe cyst removal at home is for milder symptoms, if the infection set in, it’s better to visit the doctor.

Cyst on Earlobe Home Remedies

The cysts on the ear don’t grow and are in the size of a pimple; usually, there is nothing to worry about. If they happen to grow slightly, you can use a warm compress on it gently, and doing this for some hours a day can help the healing process. The best way is not to allow it to be punctured, or squeezed; this will lead to infection and scarring of the ear tissue. If the size does keep growing, it’s better to seek the help of the doctor for its removal.

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It must be noted that ear lobe cysts cannot be prevented, they may be caused due to various reasons such as age, genetics, or injury. If they are troubling your day to day activities, then it’s better to seek the help of the doctor. The patient can rest assured that there is a treatment for the cyst.


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