How To Get Rid Of The Hornets At Home?

The hornets are among the largest of the eusocial wasps that are similar to the yellow jackets species. These are considered their closest relatives. The most dangerous part is their sting which is small but its attack is quite strong.


When it comes to getting rid of hornets, it is quite easy and effective if followed the best way:-

  • Using solar wasp trap catchers which are EOMOO trap catcher. This is designed to trap and kill the hornets. They contain solar charged lights that attract the insects by their heat and brightness. This can be modified by attaching some sugary solution to the jar for attracting insects. They will easily drown to the sugar solution or die of dehydration. 
  • Another way to repel hornets can be using shop vac filled with soapy water. This can also be considered as a better option and a perfect home remedy to get rid of hornets. For this fill a shop vac with soapy water and then place the head attachment near the source of the insect. The hornets would get sucked into the vacuum and drown into the soapy water. Next to leave the soap vac for some time and then start catching some more.
  • Use pressurized soapy water spray. In this, you can get a pressurized spray bottle and then fill it will water and a few drops of dishwashing shop. Next, find the wasps and spray them with the solution. The wasps will not be able to fly with soap on their wings. This would work with removing other flying insects as well. This is one of the best solutions as home remedies to get rid of hornets.
  • Applying peppermint oil to repel hornets. This is best with the peppermint oil that would help repel this pest. These could be an excellent answer to how to kill hornets.

Natural remedy

Now it’s the question of how to get rid of hornets naturally. So you can use various types of wasp’s sprays that are available naturally. Else you can use Bees Too which is homemade insecticidal soap that would kill these hornets naturally. This would act better to kill these hornets easily.

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Trapping nests

There are some excellent trapping nests designed as traps for hornets. For that, you need to place a piece of lunch meat or a small piece of hamburger inside the trap in the spring. You can use a few inches of sugar water or jam or any kind of sweet sticky liquid. To that, you can add a bit of vinegar and this is mixed to keep the hornets into the trap. 

Sometimes people get issues with the ground hornets. They go for a lot of searches to find a solution for how to get rid of ground hornets.  Pour soap solution into the ground nest entrance. Insecticide dust can be used as the best way to kill the ground colonies. You can also spray this to the nest entrance in every alternate day. 

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