How To Get Rid of Pinworms With Remedies

Infections and parasites are related to life and blood. There are a lot of such parasites from which worms are distinctive. Pinworm, quite a common name but it brings on uncommon health issues. Now, where is this found in the body and what causes pinworms? Here comes the answer to it, these are worm-like parasites which attack the intestine of human being and the locations to which they attack are like rectal and anal area. This kind of infection is contagious and spreads from person to person by ingesting eggs which are present in contaminated fingers, bed linens, clothing, and various other household items.  Due to their infection, they are also called as intestinal parasites or threadworms. The infection that they cause is called enterobiasis. Common people think of how to cure pinworms by taking antibiotics or any other medicines. There is a lot of stuff and even home remedies for pinworm.


Symptoms of infection by pinworm

If you are infected by pinworms, then you must check out the ways to know that by the symptoms of pinworms infection. This varies from the kinds like, with a small number of adult worms the symptoms will be mild or no symptoms at all. It will be rather worst with heavy or moderate infections. 

After a period of 4 weeks of ingestion of pinworm eggs, the mature females track their own way out of the intestine through the anal passage. This is the location where the eggs are laid in a gel-like substance. Looking at these symptoms of pinworms, one can go for proper treatment of pinworms.

Some common symptoms are like:-

  • Disturbances in sleep.
  • Itching in the anal area which might get intense. Mostly in the night time which is the egg-laying time of the female. 
  • Mild nausea. 

Those having severe infection experiences loss of appetite, severe irritability, intermittent abdominal pain, sleeping difficulties and most important is weight loss.

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Home Remedies

Here come some excellent solutions for how to treat pinworms. There is a home remedy for pinworms as well as natural remedies for pinworms that people can follow for better results.

Looking to the home remedies or you can say it prevention or precautions to get solutions naturally for how to get rid of pinworms.

  • Washing all the bed linen and clothes properly and rinse them well to dry them at normal temperatures.
  • Vacuum the home thoroughly once or twice a month. 
  • Damp out the dust surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom and wash the clothes with hot water regularly. 
  • Don’t shake things that have eggs on them like clothing, pajamas, beddings, and towels.
  • Don’t eat in the bedroom as there are risks of swallowing eggs that are shaken off the bedclothes. 
  • Make sure to cut fingernails every week when they grow longer to avoid their growth.
  • Wear close-fitting nightwear and underwear and change the underwear every morning.
  • Use cotton gloves which might help prevent scratching during sleep.
  • Take hot water bath ever alternate day to stay healthy and prevent the pinworm.
  • Don’t share towels or face flannels.
  • Keep a toothbrush in a closed cupboard and rinse well before use. 

These are the pinworms home remedies to get rid of them easily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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