Oakmoss Essential Oil Benefits & Its Side Effects

Oakmoss essential oil is extracted from the lichen that symbiotically associated with fungi. These are plant-like but that are not true plants. The oakmoss oil is extracted by distillation methods.  Now to put on the question what is an oakmoss essential oil? This is an absolute base that possesses a deep, earthy aroma. The primary benefit is its use as a natural fixative that manages perfumery and natural fragrance applications. This bears a fixative which is an ingredient that stabilizes and carries the aroma for a long time. The one is commonly available but bears a high risk of skin sensitivity when used in the form of oakmoss absolute essential oil


Benefits of oakmoss

Here come benefits of oakmoss essential oil is like

  • This acts as a disinfectant protecting from bacteria which can cause serious illness. This prevents the development of resistant strains by acting as the best of the antiseptic properties of essential oils.
  • The following bear’s anti-inflammatory effect and helps begins the healing process. The inflammation might be due to physical wounds or any kind of internal reaction to any foreign substance. Oak mass oil benefits are counted as a protective substitute for immunology. 
  • Reduces signs of ageing by preventing outward indications of the damage done to the cells by free oxygen molecules. This oak mass oil helps in repair current damage as well as prevents further damage.
  • The oakmoss essential oil helps with maintaining healthy skin by reducing inflammation from various skin eruptions. This also prevents further skin infection by killing the bacteria which can be trapped in the pores. 
  • This also brings ease in breathing whether it’s being a common cold or just some seasonal allergies. This also helps in making respiration easy. 
  • It helps in lifting mood by releasing stress turning into anxiety and slight depression. It helps the brain to get rid of these hormones function properly.
  • It helps in repelling insects with preventing the spread of these diseases preventing the insects from becoming immune to chemical insecticides.

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Side effects of oakmoss essential oil

Here come some side effects of oak mass essential oil that is important to know.

Allergic Reactions

People sometimes suffer from allergic reactions to moss and lichens. They can also develop over time and bears sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. 

Kidney issues

Oakmoss can exacerbate kidney problems. So anyone having issues with the kidney needs to stay away from the oakmoss essential oil

Thujone toxicity

This is one kind of chemical present in Oakmoss. This can cause serious side effects like convolutions, dizziness, kidney damage, restlessness, tremors, and vomiting. The following makes the substance a danger in large quantities if used as an extract. 

The following is also extremely dangerous to anyone who is pregnant or even breastfeeding. This leads to a uterine contraction that might cause miscarriage.

Wind up

Oakmoss’s essential oil uses manages to bring on a lot more effects to the body. This is available online as well as at stores. The users can go through online to collect extra sources relating to the essential oil before using it.

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