Sunken Eyes: Causes, Pictures, and Treatments

The skin below the eyes becomes delicate with appearing dark, sunken and hollow.  At the time the sunken eyes are usually just a result of aging, dehydration and not getting enough sleep, they can also be a sign of the medical condition. 


Symptoms of sunken eyes

There are a lot of symptoms that are often described in the following ways:-

  • Developing hollowing under the eyes. 
  • A dark shadow over the lower eyelid.
  • Dark circles underneath the eyes. 
  • Think to look skin under the eyes.
  • The overall tired or fatigued look in the face. 

It includes tear trough hollows or hollows under eyes. The dark circles are commonly a result of ageing and most people will begin to notice sunken under eyes and dark eyes by their late 30S as well as early 40s. 

Reasons for sunken eyes

There are a lot of causes, but there are even some best ways to treat them. the reasons can be


As you get older you are going to lose fat as well as bone density around bodies, including faces. There is also a decline in the supporting structures holding everything together. The skin would lose collagen and become thinner becoming translucent. 

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Drastic weight loss

Fat loss becomes a considerable factor for sunken eyes. The areas include face and dramatic loss of fat in the face would also make the blood vessels surrounding eyes and that becomes visible and transparent. For that reason, you need to follow the best of sunken eyes remedy.

Genetic cause

When it’s the genetic cause depends on the position of the eyes in their socket. If parents or family history counts on with sunken or darkened eyes then it can be counted as a part of the DNA. 

Improper sleep

Poor sleep can also be a reason. Frequent or less sleep than 7 to 8 hours can take a toll on the appearance of eyes. So here come the worries of how to get rid of sunken eyes. For that one needs to take complete sleep of 8 hours daily.


Lack of proper hydration can also lead to sunken eyes dehydration. This especially occurs in children. The main cause of this can be due to stomach viruses and bacteria. If your kid has sunken eyes along with diarrhoea and vomiting, then you can visit your doctor. This is the major sign of dehydration. 

Apart from these other reasons for sunken eyes can be sun exposure, allergies, infection in sinus and smoking. 

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Home Remedies for sunken eyes

Here are some of them and the best ones are the home remedies

  • Maintaining proper sleep and use a proper and qualitative moisturizer with sunscreen. 
  • Apply almond oil that would improve complexion and skin tone. 
  • Place warm, moist tea bags directly below the eyes. It’s believed that tea is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids promoting blood circulation.
  • Apply chilled cucumber slices on both the eyes for 10 to 20 minutes to reduce irritation and adding moisture. 
  • Apply cold compresses and eat a lot of dark green and leafy vegetables. 
  • Avoid smoking. 
  • Don’t apply unnecessary makeup.

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