Things To Know About Moths Treatment & Remedies

These are a generally polyphyletic group of insects belonging to order Lepidoptera. Sometimes people think of them as butterflies but these are not really the butterflies. They are found in broad varieties. Mostly these are a priority to be found at every location where they get a proper temperature to grow and feed. Generally, there are moths in a home that is sometimes not visible and mistaken as butterflies. 


Kinds of moths

Cloth moths

These are generally the ones found in the clothes. For that reason, they are called the cloth moths. This is otherwise called Tineola bisselliella. 

Pantry moth’s treatment naturally

These are mostly infecting pantries. They are the pantry moth that is present in food and look for larvae in and on the food packaging. They can be moved on with vacuum cleaner, vinegar or by using soap and water. So you can easily get sorted with how to get rid of pantry moths. You can also give your pantry a thorough cleaning to get the answer of how to get rid of pantry moths naturally. But sometimes at hotels and restaurants or food storages, it really becomes tuff to get the solution of how to get rid of moths in the pantry. Grain-based products like flour, cereals, pasta, and baking mixes are moth’s best place to grow. Other than that it is a must to clean space and place the grains and nut products in the freezer to prevent the bugs in the pantry. So there will be no stress to get rid of pantry moths naturally.

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Moth’s treatment remedies in the home

Moth’s at home is quite common. For overcoming the situation we have to think that how to kill moth at home. There are a lot of home remedies for moths which can be done for killing moths. Here are some home remedy tips to overcome these moths. 

Lavender packets

For this, you can fill a paper sachet mostly the tissue papers with dried lavender. Else can dip cotton balls with lavender essential oils and place them in the closets, drawers or boxes of off-season clothes. This is quite highly going to act as a repellent to moths.

Mint leaves

The mint leaves are considered as an effective moth repellent. You can place dried mint leaves in the sachet and place loose leaves among clothes. This can also be kept at the corner of your closet. Adding some peppermint oil can also be done when you start to wear it so that it smells the best as well. 

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Cloves, thyme, and rosemary

  • Fill a small cotton or nylon bag with cloves, thyme, rosemary all together. This bag can be kept for moths within clothes as well as different places across the house as a safety side to get a solution for how to get rid of moths in the house. 
  • But before doing this, it is important that you clean your clothes regularly and store them properly. 
  • Sometimes it happens to become difficult in taking out moth in the pantry. For that reason, it is important to take care of the grains. Keep them separated and even can maintain proper storage with maintaining temperature properly. 

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