Utilization of Niaouli Essential Oil & Its Benefits

For a long time being recognized and now it’s being used to a maximum. It’s the niaouli essential oil which is not just powerful but is an amazing skin cleansing stimulator. This s also thought to be the gentler version of the tea tree oil that acts best for sensitive skin. This doesn’t smell great but bears a lot of therapeutic benefits. For those having respiratory issues can use it to get relief. Other than that those who have a skin infection and acne mostly prefer niaouli oil. 


Earlier people were unaware of some many benefits of niaouli essential oil and bearded the pain. This is truly an ideal option for many health problems and holds amazing benefits. Some people mistake the niaouli essential oil smell as they think that all essential oils smell good. But don’t ever smell it directly from the bottle. You can take a drop of it and smell on the fragrance testing strip. On that, it brings on the aroma of camphor, and it’s bit earthy and harsh. This blends well with the essential oils in the wood, mint, spice and citrus families.


The niaouli essential oil uses are here for which you can easily take on its advantage.

  • Mostly it is believed to root out respiratory disorders like bronchitis, respiratory tract disorders, influenza, sinus congestion, sore throat, catarrh, cough, colds.
  • Other than these it also helps to recover uterine infections and rheumatism like disorders. This is also effective for muscular injury and wounds.
  • Best results are also seen with rashes, pimples, acne, herpes, cuts, and grazes.
  • You might not know that it’s also an effective insect repellent.

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Best way to use the Niaouli Essential Oil

People buy oil but they don’t know how to use niaouli oil. The uses for niaouli oil are maximum, but people don’t know the way of using it. Due to that they suffer and don’t get proper results.

The oil is never used directly. This can be used the way you use tea tree oil. The users can diffuse the oil or add it to massage oils. Other than that one can inhale the steam from water vapours or in the shower and many more. This is preferred over tea tree for skin conditions in people with sensitive skin. The best part is not irritating and non-sensitizing. Then only you can understand the benefits. 

Benefits of Niaouli Essential Oil

Theniaouli essential oil benefits are noted here

  • This bears antiseptic feature which can fight against as well as eliminate various bacteria, fungi and a variety of microorganisms.
  • This is one of the best cicatrisant which bears the ability to heal wounds and is one of the excellent stimulants.
  • It helps with boosting the respiratory system as well as reduces fever.

Wind up

Even though its sweeter but bears an antiseptic fragrance and can also be used in addition to tea tree oil. This bears less tendency of skin irritation and as a disinfectant, this is quite valuable to help clear up the skin irritations like boils, ulcers, cuts and even insect bites. The niaouli essential oil skin benefits are also well known to its users.


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