Wet Cough: Symptoms, Cure and more.

How To Deal With Wet Cough?

Every person has suffered a bout of cough. It is more common nowadays due to increased air pollutants in the air accompanied by dust particles, pollen grains, which are the perfect allergens to cause cough. The change in the seasons, depleting immune systems, and various lifestyle changes have caused people to be affected with cough many times a year. People living in cities and urban areas are more prone to ailments in which the sufferer also has a cough too. There are two kinds of cough, that person can get wet and dry kind. Both of them are troublesome.


What is a wet cough?

The cough that accompanied by phlegm is known as wet cough. It is also known as a productive cough as the phlegm keeps pushing its way from the lungs to the throat into your mouth. This is a very troublesome occurrence as you have the constant urge to spit it out.

Wet cough symptom

Usually, the cough symptoms start if you a viral or bacterial infection. It all begins with an upper respiratory tract infection. When a person suffers from a cold or flu, there an increase in the production of phlegm in the body. You may experience a runny nose; it is the mucous flowing out. If it thickens in the lungs, it poses breathing problems. To get the blocked air way cleared,the body will have a reflex action would be to cough out the mucous blocking it resulting phlegm would be in your mouth, and you would have to spit it out constantly. When sleeping position, it would be difficult to clear the airway easily, and you will experience a constant bout of cough more so when sleeping.

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Wet cough causes

Several causes for wet cough can be listed below

  • Pollution
  • Asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Whooping cough
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • And many others

The doctor has to thoroughly examine the patient and ascertain the line of treatment in such cases, which may be severe, and home remedies will not work. Hence strong medication would be required to get rid off the excessive phlegm. The doctor will find a solution to how to get rid of a wet cough.

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Home remedies for wet cough

If you want a cure at home with natural remedies to get of wet cough, it definitely is a good idea. This will help you avoid the side effects of allopathic medication. People usually treat common cold and cough at home, and there are several Wet cough remedies to try out

  • Using a humidifier is a great way to prevent your throat from getting dry. The dryness will make the phlegm to pass out of the lungs. So keeping the throat moist would be a great way to avoid wet cough.
  • A hot shower will clear the airways and flush out the irritants. The thickness of the mucus stuck in the lungs can flow out easily.
  • The intake of honey, which is a very good natural anti-inflammatory source, can help reduce the irritation in the throat and also help put the person to sleep, especially children the sweet taste will be a favorable choice to get them to take it regularly.
  • Thre are several brands that sell herbal cough drops which are quite helpful as well as they contain all the natural ingredients such as lemon, honey, eucalyptus, and others.

There are several tried and tested ways, how to cure a wet cough other than natural are also applied to get relief as well.


The antibodies can by themselves get rid of the viral infection, which is the most common, causing a wet cough. If you can use natural remedies to get relief faster, it would be a nice way to heal your body. But in aggravated conditions, you will have to go to the doctor for further treatment.

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